I realized that while being on this medication for more than 10 years, I would have loved to have a site that would give you some straight up answers from people who use it for it’s intended purpose.

Basically, without getting into the depths of Suboxone that require a PhD, Suboxone is a combination of an opiate medication with an receptor blocker.  The point being, it allows your body to feel as though it’s getting the opiate without giving the “high” of it.

Opiates, regardless of form, tend to be the absolute hardest addictive substance to stop taking.  Regardless of how badly a person may want to stop, the withdrawal is bad enough that I could easily understand it being used in the prison system for a punishment just shy of the death-sentence!

Again, understand that I have no degree in medicine.  I have no license in therapy, medicine, or pharmacology.  All of the situations I describe are what I have personally experienced or witnessed.  Understand that 100%.

After that, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!