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Just An Everyday-Life Quick Check In!

Hi Guys and Girls!

I have been scarce this past week between using a great deal of time figuring out how to put a voodoo curse for my laptop… an “Acer” Chromebook (that name translates to: ‘big piece of shit’) in addition to the fact that somehow a year went by when I wasn’t looking because my oldest daughter just finished her first year of college!  I swear we just moved her into the dorm!  Now I’m having to prep to move her back in!  Where’d the time go?!? I’ve always just ignored other families who make similar comments writing it off to them just being dramatic.  I was WRONG!  100% Wrong!  Cause I swear we just moved her into that dorm!

While I generally shy away from giving product “reviews” on any type of forum such as this, I would feel literal guilt if I didn’t warn people away from this “laptop”.  I’d initially purchased two of these laptops for each daughter.  But when my desktop died, my oldest had just upgraded to a new laptop for school and let me use this one in my computer time of need!

OMG! I have never in my life cussed and threatened an inanimate object like I do this piece of junk!  Top that off with the guilt I felt that my daughters had been dealing with all of this BS not knowing it wasn’t normal.

This thing constantly loses connection with my wifi.  Tested everything and it’s the device,not my network.  It’s obnoxiously proprietary!  I always avoided Apple computers because of the proprietary nature of them.  I had no clue that Google was apparently trying to out-do Apple on that aspect.  I can’t use a full Office version. I can’t use my printer. I can’t use the majority of my graphic programs (which is how I made most of my money while in between jobs). So this thing SUCKS!  When I’m finally able to get a real computer again, I will have almost a sexual level of gratification when I get to use this Piece of shit for target practice!  My girls had a Nexxus (also a Google product) tablet and we all have iPhones that are more useful than this thing! Please… use your money elsewhere!



I am a 40 year old, divorced mother of two teenage daughters (thanks for the sympathy!!), plus two dogs who believe they're kids, too. The five of us live south of Atlanta, Ga. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask!

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