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One Of My Biggest Roadblocks On Suboxone…  Not What You’d Expect

I don’t recall when this problem started. I know it never happened when I was pregnant but in the last 10-15 years anytime a doctor (regardless of type) hands me a cup and asks for a urine sample, my body instinctively refuses to comply!

Not a clue why! Now when I was dealing with legal issues years ago and on probabtion, this would cause me so many problems! At least at the doctor office, the worst thing that’ll happen is the doctor may not see you, might make you reschedule or make you wait until you can give a sample. However with other situations like probation, your freedom can ride on being able to pee in a cup! I came within minutes of having a scheduled surgery procedure cancelled. I’d gone to the bathroom before getting to the hospital not realizing they make women do a urinalysis before surgery in case of unknown pregnancy. So it’s something that can have a big affect on your daily life.

I’ve really lucked out with my current doctor. She’s in the process of trying several different methods. One almost looks like a pregnancy test you put under your tongue. But the good ol’ ‘pee in a cup’ is the usual go-to method. I believe it’s because if anything strange comes up, they can send that same sample to a lab for detailed testing.

End point: make sure you are WELL HYDRATED before appointments. Always go in assuming you’ll need to give a urinalysis. And understand the tests aren’t perfect! Any way, good luck on your next appointment! I have a hot date with another bottle of water!!



I am a 40 year old, divorced mother of two teenage daughters (thanks for the sympathy!!), plus two dogs who believe they're kids, too. The five of us live south of Atlanta, Ga. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask!

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