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Random Tip No. 2: Don’t Be Offended or Defensive On Your First Appointment

Random Tip No. 2: Don’t Be Offended or Defensive On Your First Appointment

                           **This may help to keep you from leaving the appointment thinking “damn this doctor is a complete ass”!**

A few things to remember as you go into your appointment:

  1. (In my opinion) The better your doctor is, the more adjectives you will add to that sentence up top:  “this doctor is a complete ass, ___, ____, ___”.  But that’s okay, really, it’s a temporary thing and there is good reason for it.

  2. Your doctor probably has/does/will encounter a great many people suffering with addictions, and unfortunately some of them are not sincere in getting help.  They simply want easy prescriptions.

  3. Remember the fact that for most addicts, our past track records aren’t surrounded by a glowing halo.  Generally we are all guilty of (at least at some point) of lying, cheating, stealing in order to get what we felt we “needed”.

You are walking into a physician’s office/clinic to see a doctor who doesn’t know you from the man in the moon!  He/she has no idea how sincere you are about getting help.  They also have to balance their treatment with the knowledge that if they make particular errors, they are truly putting their licenses in jeopardy.  

Expect that your doctor may very well only prescribe enough Suboxone for one week at a time.  Expect that each time you go in you will be required to go through a drug screening of some sort.  Expect that your doctor, while professional, has no reason to trust you during this first appointment.  Being honest with your doctor (even when you’ve made bad choices), being able to not simply make a promise but to keep it is huge.  Don’t walk in knowing you just got high yesterday and then have the nerve to tell the doctor “oh no, things are great, I’m really ready for the treatment plan”.  The moment you begin lying to your doctor, it’s going to take at least twice the time and effort to repair that.





I am a 40 year old, divorced mother of two teenage daughters (thanks for the sympathy!!), plus two dogs who believe they're kids, too. The five of us live south of Atlanta, Ga. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask!

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