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Random Tips

Hi Guys and Girls!

I am forever thinking of things I think would help others dealing with opioid addiction.  I will number them from here on out, so this will officially be No. 1.  As always, if you have questions, concerns or comments, feel free to fill out the comment card or drop an email to me at .

Random Tip No. 1:

If you’re like me, I had a few months between my decision to get clean and when the doctor could first see me.  Regardless of whether you have to wait a month or a week, help yourself out.  If you’re like the majority of people who are addicted to anything, there are particular times in the day you use/drink/smoke as well as particular tasks (after a meal/after sex/before going out).  Start scrambling when you use.  If you always use to get your day started, stop.  I’m not saying go cold turkey, but make a true effort to use at very random times.  You’ll be amazed at how that by itself can be difficult but the whole process of getting help will be smoother if you can start conquering that little piece of the puzzle before you start Suboxone.




I am a 40 year old, divorced mother of two teenage daughters (thanks for the sympathy!!), plus two dogs who believe they're kids, too. The five of us live south of Atlanta, Ga. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask!

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