Life On Suboxone

Welcome to “Life On Suboxone” or as I affectionately refer to it…  My Little Corner of the Institution!  If you’ve happened upon my site and blog, you’re curious about opiate addiction treatment through Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone).  Whether you are an existing patient, thinking about starting treatment, have a loved-one who is dealing with an addiction…  It doesn’t matter, you’re all welcome!  Even if you’re simply curious!  I turn no one away who has a genuine interest in Suboxone.

Through out the time that I have been in treatment, it has always been painfully obvious that finding a personal-type site where you can ask any version of question and get an honest, up-front answer was impossible!  Please understand from the start I am not a physician nor a licensed therapist.  Simply someone who has gone through a great deal related to my opiate addiction.  If you have questions, ask!  There is no such thing as a stupid question as long as it’s a sincere question.  I consider myself to be an extremely open minded person, so there isn’t a great deal that could or would shock me.

Going through treatment for opiate addiction is probably the hardest thing to do.  But please know that you CAN do it!  When that day comes when you wake up and realize you are clean, sober and 100% you, that day can’t be replaced!

Contact me anytime, for any reason!  Ask all the questions you’d like.  If I can’t answer them, I can certainly get you to someone who can.  All contacts, unless otherwise requested by you, will be 100% anonymous.  I share no information! I will never do anything to publicize anything you send to me.  That’s a huge deal for me.


Good luck to you!  I hope you enjoy stopping by and I look forward to helping in anyway that I can!



Contact Methods:

Comments are always welcome.  If you prefer a more private conversation, contact me through the site by clicking here –> Contact Page.  You can also reach me directly by emailing me at !




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